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Making Plaster the Smart, Easy Choice

Lime Plaster, originally created and used extensively throughout Europe, is finding an exciting surge in use in North America.   Affordable Lime Plaster matching the quality and performance of the premium European Lime Plasters is now is now being manufactured in the US under the name of Limestrong Artisan Plaster.  


Wasatch Artisan Plaster uses Limestrong Artisan Plaster to work in both color and texture, building deep, rich, fascinating color and texture interplays.   Wasatch Artisans Plaster creates finishes with enduring depth, a soothing character, and visual resonance that faux-painted finish never will.  

Plaster Styles


There are 5 main "styles" or different lime plaster used by Wasatch Artisan Plaster.   Each plaster offers unique looks and properties.  




Limestrong Stone

is designed to create a medium-to-fine texture with a matte or slightly polished finish (depending on application technique).


Limestrong Marble 

is the finest-grade of the LimeStrong artisan grades, designed to be applied in successive thin coats to create a luminous, polished finish.

LimeStrong Sand 

is designed to create a medium to heavy texture with a matte finish. It is ideal for replicating concrete, stone, and other coarse finishes.


LimeStrong Limewash 

is a mineral-based hand-brushed plaster that creates a subtle matte finish with a soft and porous feel, integral to the surface.

LimeStrong Tadelakt™

is a special-purpose plaster designed for use in wet areas, such as tub-surrounds, shower walls, kitchen backsplashes. It provides a beautifully seamless, unique-character alternative to tile or panelized surrounds. It can also be used for decorative, dry-area applications.

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